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Links to EV resources

This is my very limited, personal list of EV resources. I hope you find these resources useful gateways in your pursuit of additional EV information.

Understanding the elegant simplicity of electric motors

EV organizations

EV legislation/government

  • 2009 Washington State EV Legislation HB 1481
    SEVA initiated this legislation by encouraging Rep. Deb Eddy to taken on the Prime Sponsor role for a series of EV related activities promoting EV infrastructure, sales tax elimination incentives, and electrification of the State's vehicle fleets. Links to all documents related to the bill going through the legislative process are at the bottom of the page.
  • 2009 Washington State EV Legislation Text of HB 1481
    Text of the legislation as signed into law by the Governor.
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: A Guide for Local Governments in Washington State
    This is a pioneering document which provides excellent, comprehensive guidance fort local governmental actions that are required to facilitate the adoption of EV in their community. It is endorsed by the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association. The document was published jointly by the Puget Sound Regional Council and Washington State Department of Commerce as was prescribed in HB 1481.
  • Electric Vehicle Readiness
    This is the main page for Puget Sound Regional Council's work on providing a positive environment for EVs in our Puget Sound region. From this page you can access many additional documents relating to EVs introduction into the area. The picture below shows the first meeting of their Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Technical Advisory Committee. There are three SEVA members shown at the table:
    SEVA President Steven Lough, Plug-in America President Dan Davids, and Stephen Johnsen.PSRC EV Technical Advisory Committee

Very speedy EVs

  • White Zombie
    The White Zombie is a street legal, 1972 Datsun 1200 electric drag racer created by John Wayland (a.k.a. Plasma Boy). The White Zombie ran a quarter mile in 10.542 seconds and reached 126.01 mph at the NEDRA Nationals at Portland International Raceway on 9/10/10.
  • KillaCycle
    Claims to be world's quickest electric motorcycle. KillaCycle's official NEDRA record for quarter mile is 7.864 seconds, 169 mph.
  • Lawless Rocket Drag Bike
    A new bike built by OCC for the purpose of taking the NEDRA record away from KillaCycle and it appears they are now "Mission Accomplished." Details to air on the TLC channel on Thursday, 9/30/10. Unofficially as of 11:00 a.m. PDT, 9/27/2010, NEDRA's web site is reporting that the Lawless bike hit 177 mph in 7.46 seconds for the quarter mile last Friday, 9/24/2010. NEDRA is probably waiting to have the official paperwork in hand before updating the "Record Holders" list.